Social Responsibility

Hello, long time no speak. I’ve been incubating, if you will. I do apologise for my absence if it has affected anyone.

Well, I’m here today because I have a song for you. I’m a big fan of hip hop, and as I was thinking random thoughts the other day, words came out of my head rhyming and just kept coming. I found some apps to play with because I’m too excited to wait for my friend to help me do something better with instruments, and looped this track all by myself. I think it’s not bad for a novice, and it’s just a vehicle for the words anyway. New version will be shared when it’s ready.

The song is called ‘Social Responsibility’ and it’s in response to this crazy world social climate we’re experiencing. I’m hoping that everyone can start banding together somehow, soon. I don’t want people to fight over presidents or any of that… we need to think more critically and act more lovingly. We are humans. We can do incredible things, be they good or bad. When was the last time we thought about in which of those categories our actions belong?

Open up your eyes, open up your minds, and think.

If you want to hear the song, click the link below.

Love to all who need it, and even to those that don’t.


Check this out on #BandLab

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