Reader Update 25th June


Readers, new friends, everyone… Thank you so much for your continued support.

Firstly, is there anything you would like to see from this blog? A change in some kind of format to navigate the site more easily? I’ve been trying with this updated About page. It has a list of all the posts and brief descriptions. Or you can read Why I Chose to Speak Out for a more detailed introduction, though it doesn’t contain all the posts.

An archive won’t really do as it hasn’t been a month yet so if you click on ‘June’ you just get the whole blog. Oops.

Secondly, I apologise for all the tears as some of this stuff (okay, most) is really heavy. I haven’t done many light-hearted posts yet, but I promise there will be some more on the way. If you don’t want to cry, try the “Light-Hearted” or “Poetry” category from the menu at the top.

Next, there are a few posts going under the radar I think need a bit more love.

  • The Bird and the Birdwatcher is really important. It’s a fable I wrote and it is really close to my heart. It started as a vision of an image of this bird breaking out of a cage after a comment a friend made to me. It shows how anyone can be trapped by an abusive person but it doesn’t have to be the end. When you take the hidden meanings out of it, it’s just a really good story. It’s something I’ve read to my kids and will continue to do so until they get the message, because even though they’re boys, therefore less likely to be subjected to Domestic Violence relationships, grooming of children is a pretty big and scary issue these days. This story, I believe, could save lives. It’s about a 20 minute read but worth every second. Read it, share it, spread it around.
  • Finally He Claimed Me is about my relationship with my dad, a narcissist, who was absent most of my life. When I met him he continued to let me down. Then one day the penny dropped, and I realised something very important. Apart from being a pretty good read on its own, if you have ever been on the receiving end of verbal abuse by someone who was supposed to care for you, like a parent, this might help.
  • Keep Going (My Conversation With the Un-Dead Part 2) and its predecessor, My Conversation With the Un-Dead, are important for both people who have lost someone to suicide (the latter), and for people struggling to keep going (the former). They are also just pretty good reads.
  • I Thought I Said “No” is, I know, a difficult one. It is about rape, but no violence or uncomfortable language (in my opinion). Just the other day I saw yet another reminder of just how much people blame rape victims these days. This is such a problem. I could talk about so many parts of this subject but for now this is all that’s up there and I really hope people read it and understand so we can stop telling the world “She’s just lying because that’s the kind of thing women do” and other ridiculous things like that. Not to mention, this event is referenced a lot in my stories as it was a major turning-point in my life.
  • Karmic Heebie-Jeebies is a funny story, to which parents will be able to relate. Contains creepy-crawlies.
  • Dear Sarah is the newest, but also important. It’s a letter to my late sister. It was really hard to write. I don’t talk about her much in relation to me and how I feel about her passing. I usually talk about her kids, their dad, my mom… everyone really, but not me. So I wrote this last night and my eyes look like I was punched in the face, they’re still so puffy. I won’t say much more about it, but please, seek out your loved ones and give them a hug. You’ll want to anyway after you read this.
  • Project: Better Than This has hardly been viewed at all. Maybe because it’s a page and not a post. This needs participants. Go read the page and see if you’d like to contribute. You could find yourself on this blog.

I may recommend some more in the future, but this is what’s important to me today.

Also, if you have a blog, don’t forget to add it to the Let’s network post and reblog it. There’s a lot of good blogs on there already, I encourage you to have a look.

And thank you, thank you, and thanks some more for all your wonderful comments and for just visiting my blog. To have such a great response so quickly from all the things I’ve let roll around in my head and keep me up at night for so long, your time spent meandering around my ramblings is actually making a physical difference in my life. Your interaction keeps me writing and ultimately, I hope, my writing will make a physical difference in the world. And that’s what it’s all about, healing, mending, changing.

So much love to any and all of you who need it.


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