Thank you, readers and sharers.

Yesterday, these numbers happened:


If nothing else, my words made 14,000 people stop to think about mental health and maybe other things, too. I am so humbled at what amazing things can happen when you just start doing The Thing instead of waiting for someone to come along and give you permission.
I submitted “A Letter of Regret” (an absolutely true letter of my feelings from my personal experience) to HelloGiggles over a month ago. They didn’t get back to me. So I made my blog (like I told them I would) and posted it myself. It was then shared by Facebook pages such as Blurt and Time for Change. Huge thanks to them for getting this message out where it’s meaning something to so many. I’m glad things happened that way (and I’m still a fan of HelloGiggles).

Keep positive thoughts that it will culminate in a publisher for me for either my children’s book or my story of my life, so maybe I’ll one day have enough money to visit home and see my niece and nephew. I miss them so much, as I do all my friends and family. I’ve been here in the UK for five years with no means to go back for even a visit.
Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, shared and liked, for you are the ones who have shown me my voice and my words can truly make a difference.

From the bottom of my heart,

-Kirsten Young



4 thoughts on “Thank you, readers and sharers.

  1. Kirsten, the piece was flat out excellence both in creativity as well as execution. I found pieces of that something I have previously related to in times I battled depression myself and you deserve all the applause and views that you gain.

    Keep sticking to what you do,


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