What is TalkingThisAndThat About?

Hello Readers!

This blog has been created with humanity in mind. That sounds obvious, but let me clarify.

There are many dialogues I, the writer of this blog, feel need to take place. This is a world of extreme complexity with many struggles faced by a wide variety of people. I plan to talk about random things as they pop into my head.

My background is not one of an Ivy League PhD or anything like that. I have simply been a mother for the past eleven and a half years, an immigrant to Great Britain from America for the past five years. (Please note my spellings may switch between GB and US.) I am just a regular human with something to say.

Like everyone I have a unique outlook and perspective on many different subjects. With the utmost respect I plan to offer my point of view, for what it’s worth. Some of these issues will be uncomfortable and tragic. Some light-hearted and humorous. Some a combination of both, because sometimes humour is the only way to face things without losing it completely. Some posts will be a dialogue on the world as I see it, whatever happens to light a fire in my fingers.

If you would like to enter into the dialogue, please, for the love of all that is good, keep your speech as respectful as you would like speech to be directed to yourself. I am not fond of the cowardice bullying behind the Internet façade which is so rampant today. It’s ridiculous and will not be tolerated.

Thank you very much for your support in whatever form that may take. If you are like me, just plodding along doing your best trying to implant some good in this world, you’ll know it’s appreciated sincerely.

Your Friend,



3 thoughts on “What is TalkingThisAndThat About?

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  2. I just started my blog and I am glad to have found yours. It’s nice to know there is someone out there like me with a blog like the one I hope to have. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty about all of the trials you endure daily 🙂 I’m happy to read all your posts and connect to someone who understands.

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    • Congratulations on the new blog and I hope to read it! On the About & Table of Contents page is a list of everything and short descriptions. Or read Why I Chose to Speak out for a more detailed introduction. Thanks for reading! Link your blog to the ‘Let’s network’ post!

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